Help me make my customers happier

Make your
happy again.

A whole new way of communicating customer experience survey results.

Bound, boring, bulky 100+ page printed documents, full of hard to understand data tables and error margins, no longer make an impact on your business or your customers.

Today, you're likely to need to pull up information on your phone before the next meeting, share a chart and highlight via email or chat, or need to produce an infographic for the lunch room wall.

But most survey results arrive looking the same as they did when Windows 95 was new; inaccessible bound reports stuck on a shelf and never read by the people who can act upon them.

Dossier 60 makes it quick and easy for you and your team to understand, communicate and act upon your survey results.

  • Imagine if you could easily understand and communicate the results with your teams?
  • What if your teams could engage with the results themselves?
  • Would it make a difference to your customers if the teams they engage with understood their needs and desires?

Helping make over 500,000 customers happier everyday

Up and running in days.

Need to get up and running quickly? Like Usain Bolt anchoring the relay, we’ll get you to the finish line quick smart. Dossier 60 can be setup and customised in under a week. And best of all, our real time processing means your results can be available the day after submission. That early exit on Friday afternoon is looking good.

Insightful & understandable.

Looking for 3D pie charts with pink gradient fills and a side of data tables? Sorry, but you’ll need to look elsewhere. Our gorgeous charts have been designed by data visualisation experts. This means you get a clear and accurate understanding of your data with less effort, giving you the insights you need to take action. That they look pretty is a bonus. Mmmm, pie!


The Dossier 60 Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence robot automatically identifies sentiment and themes in your comments.

Our AI uses automated narrative construction to analyse the survey results and automatically creates report content for you.

Oh, and our robot does this while making you a lovely cup of tea...relaaaaax.

Always on.

Running to your third meeting this morning and need that up to date information to make you look like a data rockstar? Like the trusted roadie, we’ve got your back. Our mobile friendly design means you’re always up to date; whatever stage you are on. Rock on!!


Security and privacy a concern? It should be! Just like Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, we all want to make sure the 'cone of silence' is working. Your data is encrypted in transit using at least TLS 1.1, data is encrypted 'at-rest' and hosted in IRAP compliant data centers; giving you peace of mind that no one is listening in on your data.

Explore your data.

Need to slice and dice your way through the data like Indiana Jones looking for that hidden treasure in your data? Use the interactive data explorer to crosstab your results and export to Excel for further investigation.

Online and offline.

Still need that old school 100 page PDF report to keep the door open? We’ve got that at a click of your mouse. Just don’t forget to load extra paper and; while it prints, do the world a favour and plant a tree.

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